The Pittsburgh Science Workshop accepts donations of science equipment and supplies useful for tinkering and hands-on projects.

Want to donate items during Covid? Just reach out and we’ll arrange for a safe, contactless drop-off on the Northside of Pittsburgh. Note: please no computers or laptops. No oversized items without checking first. Not sure if something is suitable for donation? We’d be happy to answer any questions!

Science Equipment that is high quality and accurate

  • student and lab grade microscopes
  • electronics tools such as multimeter, soldering iron, oscilloscope
  • thermometers and selected glassware (check first)
  • anatomical models and pull-down wall charts
  • bones and preserved specimens
  • interesting rocks and minerals

Stuff that in the hands of an inventive kid can become something wonderful!

  • Plastic bottle caps (such as from milk jugs)
  • Wine corks
  • Clean 1L and 2L empty soda or seltzer bottles
  • Small broken or outdated electronics interesting to take-apart and examine (CD player, tape player, adding machine)
  • Mechanical and animatronic toys for take-apart
  • Old RC Cars

Basic materials that we always need

  • AA, AAA, and 9V batteries with charge left
  • nitrile or vinyl gloves
  • child-size scissors
  • tape of various kinds
  • rubber bands
  • paper clips
  • balloons, pipe cleaners, bamboo skewers, straws

Wish List

  • Giant Tesla Coil 🙂
  • Taxidermy animals
  • Full-size human skeleton model


  • Garden shovels and trowels
  • Child-sized scissors
  • Hammers
  • Hand-saws
  • Clamps and vices
  • Safety goggles
  • Other tools, please get in touch first to check

Art and Craft Supplies

  • Small quantities of high quality paint such as acrylic, enamel (no poster paint)
  • Adhesives: liquid glue, spray adhesive, hot glue sticks, two part epoxies
  • Permanent and water-based markers, colored pencils
  • Good quality paper: printer paper, origami paper, drawing paper, scrapbooking paper, cardstock, rolls of butcher paper, tissue paper (no low quality construction paper please)