Build a motorized toy car, plant a self-watering terrarium, play with polymers, and more! Our 12 week family science program (with weekly delivery service) ended on March 13. If you missed it and are interested in specific projects, please fill out the Sign Up form below. Mention which kits you would most like and we will get back to you with details on availability and pick-up. Projects are designed for the whole family to enjoy together, and are geared for ages 7-12. Some projects are suitable for under-7 and teens. Kits will include all the materials necessary.

Science Kit #1: Edge-lit Cards

Science Kit #3: Miracle Berry Taste Experiment

Science Kit #4: Stomp Rockets

Science Kit #5: “Instant Snow” Experiments

Science Kit #6: Race Car

Science Kit #7: Rock and Mineral Collection

Science Kit #8: Crocus and Chromatography

Science Kit #9: Fossils and plaster casting

Science Kit #10: Brain Anatomy and Illusions

Science Kit #11: Sodium Alginate Gel

Science Kit #12: Giant Bubbles!